Education. Good Jobs. Transportation.

Ia m very proud to serve our area as a state senator. I look forward to working with you to continue to bring a strong voice for District 19 to the Minnesota State Capitol.

– Senator Nick Frentz


My name is Nick Frentz, and I’m proud to serve as your Senator for District 19. Thanks for visiting our campaign website.

Members of my family first moved to Mankato over 150 years ago. My wife Jill and I started our own family together in North Mankato in 1989 and we feel fortunate that our four children were all born here and have been enrolled in excellent local schools. We are proud to call Minnesota “home”.

For over 28 years, I’ve enjoyed working in Mankato and volunteering to help with area students, youth sports, charity boards, non-profits, special events and more. We are all blessed to have a community that works together on so many things that improve our quality of life.

Both our area and our state have been repeatedly recognized in the national media for being a top place to live and work. Minnesota sets a great example for this country and our district sets a great example for Minnesota. I am committed to see District 19 continue to grow and prosper.



Married to Jill Frentz 1989-present

Children: Vanessa (24), Andrew (22), Derek (19), Sean (16)

Dog: Yukon

Cats: Chloe and Pronger

Residence: North Mankato, MN


  • Macalester College, B.A. 1984
    – Dorm Council president, 1983-1984
    – Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • William Mitchell College of Law, 1987
    – Law Review, 1986-1987


  • Attorney, Frentz and Frentz Law Offices, 1987-present
    – Managing Partner, 2003-present
  • Minnesota Association for Justice
    – Board of Governors, 1999-2010
    – Legislative Committee Chairperson, 2009-2010
    – “Member of the Year”, 2010
  • Minnesota State Bar Association “Award of Professional Excellence”
    – pro bono work on behalf of the I-35 bridge collapse victims, 2009
  • Listed as a MN “Super Lawyer”, 2013-present
  • Elected to American Board of Trial Advocates, 2013-present


  • Mankato North Mankato Youth Football
    – coach, director 2004-present, President 2012-2014
  • Upper Midwest High School Hockey Elite League 
    Board of Directors, 2014-present
  • CTK Church
    -Council member 1997-1999
    – President, 1999-2000
    – Confirmation Coordinator 1991-1997
  • MAYBA baseball coach and volunteer
  • MAHA hockey coach and volunteer
  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign Board 2015
  • CTK council
  • Volunteer speaker at area schools
  • High School Mock Trial competition judge
  • Various boards, committees and event planning

Campaign Committee


  • Todd King
  • Steven Hasse
  • Kent Schwickert
  • Scott Bergs
  • Jim Pfau
  • Donald Friend
  • Joe Smentek
  • Daniel Bastian
  • Angela Bastian
  • Eric Steinmetz
  • Paul Baumgartner
  • Clark Johnson
  • Patrick McDermott
  • Kyle Meyers
  • Patrick Tanis
  • Christopher Person
  • Harbi Hassan
  • Lul Sabrie
  • Joseph Kunkel
  • Nick Hermer
  • Sara Rohrer Tuchschere
  • Kent Rossi
  • Randal LeNeave
  • Rochelle Major
  • Mary Beth Arnold
  • Randy Zellmer
  • Chad Surprenant
  • Brian Boettcher
  • Antonia Sigl
  • Linda Heine
  • Renee Rubish
  • Diane Frost
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Laurie Thro
  • Cherrie Inks
  • Robert E Haselow
  • Justine Haselow
  • Stevin Groth
  • Dennis Hood
  • Willie Rosten
  • Diane Norland
  • Laura Bowman
  • Kara Sullivan
  • Jeremy Heath
  • Kevin Staunton
  • Mike Steinhauser
  • Jill Frentz
  • Jeffery Leacox
  • Scott Pinkner
  • Jason Kohlmeyer
  • Rich Wilcox
  • Jeff Stowman
  • Terry Wade
  • Stuart Goldenberg
  • Paul Downes
  • Rob Roe
  • Steven Terry
  • Jason Johnson
  • Nathan Maus
  • Mark Streed
  • Ashleigh Raso
  • Lindsey Wheeler
  • Ross Martell
  • Rachel Simpson
  • Hana Mechem
  • Solomon Robinson
  • Alfredia Ginyard
  • Teresa McClain
  • Colleen Elizalde
  • Charles Slane
  • Karoline Valdivia
  • Keith Sjodin
  • Glenda Nunnery
  • Brandan Flaherty
  • Lindsey Carpenter
  • Jeneva Feuerstein
  • Robert Christensen
  • Kate Jaycox
  • Stacy Stennes
  • Rinholen Lien
  • Yvonne Flaherty
  • Susan Holden
  • Richard Ruchonen
  • Michael Bryant
  • Kathleen Flynn Peterson
  • William Harper
  • Stephen Miller
  • Vincent Cassella
  • Sonja Cassella
  • Dave Hermel
  • Jay Weir
  • Drew Campbell
  • Georgia Holmes
  • Chad Carlberg
  • Todd Snell
  • Jerry Maschka
  • Joel Carlson
  • Robert J Leighton
  • Emily Robinson
  • Ann Sutherland
  • Brand Frentz
  • Michael Radenbaugh
  • Curt Roeder
  • Tony Frentz
  • John Frentz
  • George Chronic
  • Tami Paulsen
  • Tom Baudler
  • Robin Brooksbank
  • Robert Hauer
  • John Carey
  • Vycki Frentz
  • Stephen Rufer
  • Richard Harden
  • William Sieben
  • James Schwebel
  • James Carey
  • Jeffrey Sieben
  • Elizabeth Beach Bryant
  • Phillip Sieff
  • Paul Peterson
  • Reed Mackenzie
  • Paul Phelps
  • James Fleming
  • Michael Scully
  • Katherine Flom
  • Anthony Rubin
  • Shannon Carey
  • T. Joseph Crumbley
  • Peter Schmit
  • Scott Suter
  • Chris Messerly
  • I thank Nick for offering his time and energy to represent the wonderful people of Senate District 19. Senator Kathy Sheran has established a remarkable record of public service for which we are all grateful. Nick’s announcement today assures the Mankato area that we can expect Kathy’s legacy to continue.

    - U.S. Congressman Tim Walz, Minnesota’s 1st District
  • Nick Frentz has been a strong advocate for the people of this community for almost 30 years. He is a friend and colleague, as well as a talented, smart and caring lawyer. District 19 would be very fortunate to have Nick serve as our State Senator.

    - Jerry Maschka, Senior Partner, Maschka, Reidy and Reis
  • Over the last 15 years Nick Frentz has donated hundreds of hours to our organization, as an administrator, coach and president. He always put the interest of the kids and their families first. If you look in the dictionary next to the definition of “dedicated”, you’ll see a picture of Nick.

    - Dennis Hood, Executive Director, MNMYF

2017 Session Report

Votes I Took On Budget Bills And Why

  • Education

    Voted NO Although I appreciated the 2% per pupil per year funding increase for schools, the education bill ignored some essential needs, such as: special education programs, pensions, school nutrition, and libraries. Schools need to fund these functions and were simply not provided the necessary funds to do so. I was also disappointed in the teacher tenure policy included in the bill. The teacher licensure language, which aims to address a real problem, falls short of the best solution for students, the integrity of the teaching profession.

  • Agriculture

    Voted YES I was proud that my request to serve on the Agriculture Finance Committee was granted and I am glad to be working for farmers and our sour region’s strong agribusiness sector. I supported the final agriculture bill for several reasons. It increased funding for the MN Department of Agriculture, and included a policy provision I chief authored to fund critical safety upgrades for schoolowned tractors. It also included an important compromise on buffer strip enforcement that I believe works for farmers and satisfies our mutual interest in clean water. I worked with SWCD’s, BWSR, and farm groups all session to protect the future of Minnesota agriculture.

  • Health and Human Services

    Voted YES I supported the health and human services bill because it included funding for a variety of programs that support our area and the state. Notably, the funding needed to increase safety for patients and staff at the Minnesota Security Hospital was included in full. Funding for interactive video case management, child protection, and expanded services for seniors living in their homes was also included- these provisions are important to area counties, their social service departments, and some of our most vulnerable friends, neighbors, and family members.

  • Transportation

    Voted NO As a member of the Transportation Committee, one of my top priorities this session was to advocate for a long-term, dedicated funding plan that met the needs of southern Minnesota and the entire state. The final transportation bill failed to meet this goal, and took hundreds of millions of dollars out of the General Fund, which takes money away from our basic needs like education and health care. This creates too much uncertainty about future transportation funding.

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